Quilts Finished 2014

Easy Weave

2014 #12 – Sewed this Simple Weave when Cliff and I had a little getaway to the beach in La Conchita in 2013.  Mary Landon quilted circular patterns on it and I really love it. Katie has it hanging on the wall of her apartment in Pasadena.

2014 #11 – Picked up this panel on the Quilt Rush 2014 in Stockton, CA. Our first stop. Had an excellent time on the Run (see pic below where I’m in Winters, CA – loved that town!) but Boy! were those stores far apart and spread out!

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Basket Case

2014 #10 – I believe this will be the last King Size quilt I”ll ever make again. Mary Landon quilted this one for me. It’s the Basket Case pattern and was the strip quilt I led in 2013 when the Loose Threads did Strip Club.

Lighthouse quilt #2

2014 #9 – Well, I finally finished this one. I know I started it at least 6-7 years ago. Gave it to the custodian at our church. She is crazy about lighthouses.

Fruit Table Topper

2014 #8 – I took a class from Raylene Salazar after TMQ’s one and only (so far) night meeting.  I’d seen this technique in magazines and always wanted to try it.  I think I’ll make it without batting the next time.

Field of Flowers

2014 #7 – Teri led this class with the Loose Threads when we did Strip Club in 2013.  Mary Landon quilted this for me and I gave it to a Country Oaks Baptist Church mission team building a house in Mexico.  They gave it to the family as a housewarming gift.

2014 #6 – Zippity Do Dah #2 – Picked up this pattern in Paradise, California at Morning Star Quilt Shop. Finally finished it this year. Mary Landon quilted it for me. I gave it to Judy Huebner as a thank you for serving on Women’s Ministry.  She moved to Gold Country shortly thereafter.

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Mod Pod Scripture Quilt

2014 #5 – Finally got this scripture verse quilt done. Mary Landon quilted it with neon green thread!

Carpenter's Star
2014 #4 – Ginny, Teri and I made a Carpenter’s Star Quilt together for Kate Walker’s wedding shower. (this is our go-to wedding quilt).

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2014 #3 – I made this puzzle quilt for Pat Ramirez as her Emmaus Walk banner. Cliff and I picked up the fabrics on our trip home from the beach (Santa Monica, Malibu, Topanga Canyon) and I sewed it togehter when I went to the Ventura Beach Retreat 2014.

Crazy 8 table topper

2014 #2 – Ginny and I made Crazy 8 Strip Teasers at the Ventura Beach Retreat.

Chevron Quilt

Chevron Quilt

2014 #1 – I actually hand-quilted this one with heavy cotton thread doing a big stitch. (not shown in this picture) It just fits in my interior window frame in the entry hall.

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