I am a learner.  I love to study, especially the depths of God’s Word. I am a speaker.  I love to talk about God’s Word with other women.  I am a quilter.  I love to cut up pieces of fabric and put them back together.  It gives me a chance to understand in the tiniest way what God must feel like when He creates something and calls it good.  God’s art is forever changing, mine, however, is static.  I am a reader.  I consume books like food.  I cannot live without books.  I am a writer.  I truly believe in the axiom:  Write it down, make it happen.  If I don’t write things down I forget.  When I write about my life, I get to enjoy the things that happen to me three times: when I live it, when I write it down and when I read it again.  I am a dancer.  I love to move to music.  Some songs you just have to dance to.  I am limited.  I’ve been given the gift of severe allergies and fibromyalgia.  Time and energy are priceless and I have to spend them both very carefully.  I am deeply spiritual and am seeking with all my heart, soul, mind and might to know God better every day.  Life is an adventure. Love the moment.  Love your life. Expect to see God at work!