I am a reader.

My goal before I got a job was to read 52 new books a year.  I’ve toned it down to 40 new books a year since I went back to work.

I know this is a lot of books but I usually do it.  I read once that only 56.6% of Americans read FOUR or more books a year.  That is tragic!  I guess you could say I’m single- handedly trying to bring the average up.  These figures are down from 10 years ago (this study was done in 2005).  It used to be 60%.  We are fast becoming an illiterate society.  Very sad.

In 2012 I received the suggestion to re-read a book I loved over again, digesting it slowly, really getting to know it well.  I think I might try that!

More stats:

A 2007 Associated Press-Ipsos poll reported that in the prior year, 27% of Americans had not read a single book, while 73% had. Of the respondents who reported having read a book, the mean was 6.5 books per year.
Specific percentage breakdown summary of those that do read:
1 to 5 books 41%
6 to 15 books 31%
More than 15 books 27%