Pier #8 – Ventura County Pier

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Piers of Southern California


Pier #8 – Ventura County Pier – a wooden pier with steel pilings (1996) –  it is 1620 feet long (originally 1958 feet long.)

Continuing my quest to walk on all the piers of Southern California, my hubbie and I limped out to the end of the Ventura Pier a few weeks after he had a partial knee replacement done in Atascadero.  We sat and smooched and watched the sun go down. It was beyond beautiful. And that’s really all I know about the Ventura Pier.

As we set out to accomplish my Bucket List, I’ve been trying to write helpful articles about each of the piers to accompany the pictures I post (proof that we actually made it to each pier). I read up on blogging and they say you’ve got to “provide value” and “meet a need” but I’ve gotten bogged down, frustrated and backlogged (I should’ve published this three years ago:(  Sometimes I don’t know anything about the pier I just walked on. I just enjoyed it. Period.

So I’m moving forward. Sometimes I may link to interesting sites about the pier like Fun Facts about the Ventura Pier but I’m not going to try to come up with some trite exposition. That would be fatuous (silly AND pointless). It’s been done before and done better.

Instead I’ll just share my memories of the Ventura area:

  • One time we drove down the road from the pier and took Island Packers ferry out of Ventura harbor to one of the Channel Islands: Santa Cruz. We followed a guide and took a hike inland. We laid on the beach. Saw common dolphins, bottle nose dolphins, seals, the island fox, island blue jays (just as loud as our mountain jays), pelicans and whales! All I can say is WOW!
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  • I have stayed at a giant beach house just up the road from the Ventura Pier for the past ten years. I go in the spring with a group of dedicated quilters. We sit and quilt all week long. Our view? Waves, dolphins, sand and sea. It’s crazy fun. I go back in the fall with my church’s women’s group and we eat and laugh and learn. It is a time of spiritual refreshment. Check out Saylor’s Sandcastle.  My husband and I also have a favorite place in Carpinteria (just up the road) that we like to stay but I ain’t sharing that one!
  • We used to like Joe’s Crab Shack but it shut down rather suddenly. Which leads me to one last pier memory…we ate out on Ventura Pier and the waiter dropped my husband’s shrimp on the floor!
  • I’m not much for shopping but my friends love the thrift shops on Main Street in Ventura. There’s a couple good quilt and fabric stores in Ventura, too.

How to get there

On Highway 101 (heading north) in Ventura take exit 69 to merge onto Vista Del Mar Dr. toward Sanjon Rd. Turn right onto E Harbor Blvd. There’s a parking structure right by the pier and other parking available.

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